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-====== FAQ ====== 
-== My old Mazatrol files won't preview in MazView. What can I do? == 
-//Since most formats are similar we can probably resolve this. Please send a copy of one or two of your old programs to us for analysis at 
-== What happens to the license if the computer fails and a new computer is used? == 
-//You can reactivate your license with the original e-mail and key.// 
-== My files doesn't show up in MazView. Is there any setting? == 
-//You can customize what file extensions that MazView will show in the file-list. In the setup under the tab "File extensions" there's comma-separated field with allowed file-extensions. 
-== The viewer shows the Mazatrol program in the wrong language == 
-//You can set the language used for displaying the program under Settings - Previewing. This setting is save per preset so different presets can be setup with different languages. 
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