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Text to CNC - information and instructions.

The easiest way to generate G-code online for your engravings.

With “Text to CNC” you can create a CNC program out of a text in seconds. No installation, no registration. Generate G-code directly on our website.

ISO based CNC code that fits most controllers from Fanuc, Siemens, Haas and many more.

We hope that this free tool will help you.

  1. Type in the text you want in the box “Text”. Start by deleting the predefined text “My Text”
  2. Enter the height and width you want the text to have when it is converted to G-code.If you choose a font that contains arcs, the width will be disabled. That's because texts containing real (G2/G3) arcs must maintain aspect ratio when resizing.
  3. In the box “Rapid height Z” enter the Z value that the cutter will go up to between the contours that forms the text
  4. In the box “Contour depth Z” enter the Z value that the cutter will go down to when cutting out letters.
  5. In the box “Decimals”, select how many decimals you need for the coordinates in your CNC program.
  6. Select the font you want the text to have.
  7. Click the button “Create CNC”.
  8. Your G-code wil now aper in the textbox. Click the “Save as.” button to save it as a file, or copy the G-code direktly from the textbox

Go to the Text to CNC webpage.

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