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No thumbnails after install

Because ThumbnailCNC is a service used by Windows operating system, you may have to take certain steps to start it.

Reboot Windows

The easiest way to get the ThumbnailCNC service to start is by rebooting Windows after installing ThumbnailCNC. But if you do not want to do it or if you have restarted and it still does not work, try the following steps.

File types containing G codes

Which file types that contain G codes that you want ThumbnailCNC to display are set using the ThumbnailCNC Settings application. A desktop shortcut to launch this program is created during the installation. The program needs Administrator privileges to change those keys in the Windows registry that bind file types to the service.

Close Windows Explorer

It is Windows Explorer that manages thumbnails and preview files. All instances of Windows Explorer must be closed before ThumbnailCNC can start showing thumbnails for your G code files.

It does not display thumbnail for all files

A thumbnail is created primarily when a new file is added to the windows file system. The files that are already there will get their thumbnails when Windows operating systems consider it necessary. In order not to slow down your computer, thumbnails are calculated in a low-priority process.

Check if preview works

The preview service differs slightly from the service that displays thumbnails. After activation, the preview is performed when you click a G code file in Windows Explorer. Many times this feature is activated before the thumbnails display. Testing this is a great way to make sure that the ThumbnailCNC service is up and running. Here's how to enable file preview in Windows Explorer for Windows 10. Click the View tab, Click Preview pane

Microsoft Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)

ThubmbnailCNC uses standard Microsoft libraries. Usually, these libraries are already installed on your computer. If they are not installed, the installer will inform you that this problem occurred during installation. Read more here Technical questions

Have you still failed to get ThumbnailCNC to work or have other questions or suggestions. Feel free to send an email.

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